For Consultations in the Clinic ring Lisa on 01 828 9528
by Dr. Mocanu, on Jan 16 2021

Dear patients,

I would like to invite you and your partner to avail of an online video consultation with me as means to understand your fertility, pursue investigations towards a diagnosis and even establish the most suitable therapy for you.  I continue to offer assistance to all my patients during the pandemic.


Online consultations

Telemedicine allows you to receive a consultation from the comfort of your own home, a full service including history, interpretation of results, practical advice and recommendations, prescritions and planning surgery or other treatments. I use the Zoom, double-end encrypted platform. 

To ensure I have all needed information a semen test must be done before you have the consultation with me.

Please book both the semen analysis and the fertility consultation here


Urgent scans

I am offering scans, in-person, in my rooms.  Please ring my secretary Lisa on 01 828 9528 for an appointment.


Fertility surgery

For patients requiring surgical interventions please email your request for a date and hospital choice (Rotunda, Bon Secours) at , if the surgery was discussed with you in detail.  Alternatively, book an online consultation to discuss the surgery, consents and organise the needed.


Do get in touch with me with any concerns or queries you may have.  The expertise of the doctor is the most important element on your journey.  Ensure you enquire and understand the qualifications your doctor has, a certified Sub specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery is the highest qualification.

Dr. Mocanu