Fertility Surgery
Fertility Surgery provides answers and treatment

Minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery has revolutionised the way fertility diagnosis and treatments are delivered with a one-day hospital stay and quick return to normal activity. Performed under a general anaesthetic it requires between two and four small tummy incisions, to facilitate assessment with a camera and insertion of instruments. My Reproductive Surgery expertise extends to minimally invasive procedures like laparoscopy and hysteroscopy as well as open gynaecological surgery.  I use the laparoscopic approach for the diagnosis and treatment of certain conditions (ovarian cysts, endometriosis, peritubal disease, PCOS, blocked tubes).


If you suffer from painful periods, endometriosis might be present. I recommend a laparoscopy to make the diagnosis and treat the condition by laser vaporizing the scarring.


If tubal disease is present I use a microsurgical laparoscopic approach for freeing the tube or opening a hydrosalpinx (tube filled with fluid and sealed at the end) and placing very fine permanent sutures to restore fertility where a clear barrier to conception existed.


Ovarian (simple, dermoid or endometriotic) cysts are particularly amenable to keyhole surgery. The cyst wall and contents are routinely sent for laboratory testing and reassurance. 


A hysteroscopy is a surgical procedure to inspect the inside part of your womb. It is recommended if you have a very thick womb lining, polyps inside the womb, small fibroids or a septum (an additional wall inside the womb cavity). Sampling of the lining is routine during a hysteroscopy. Like the laparoscopy, it is performed under a general anaesthetic and at the same time. All in one day.  You can also have polyps or fibroids removed from inside the womb, under a local anesthetic.

If you have large fibroids that require surgery I use an open approach (like a cesarean section). This operation aims to preserve your uterus.


All my surgical procedures are fertility focused and aim to retain and enhance your reproductive ability.  I have been doing them for 25 years.


I perform surgery in the Rotunda Hospital and in the Bon Secours Hospital. All surgical appointments are organised through my Secretary in the Rotunda Hospital at 01 8742115/ privateclinic@rotunda.ie or by contacting me directly here.

Download a Rotunda Hospital consent form here or a Bon Secours Hospital consent form here.