Second Opinion
Experience makes a difference

I have been practicing in Obstetrics and Gynaecology since 1995, my areas of expertise are related to Infertility. I am certified by the RCOG as a Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and have practiced in Infertility, Surgery and IVF/ICSI since 2000. A SubSpecialist Certification is the highest qualification in the field, awarded only by a few bodies worldwide. Ensure you see an appropriately qualified doctor.


This in-depth training and long-standing clinical experience allow me to offer you a fresh reassessment of your overall background, investigations, diagnosis and previous treatments to bring clarity and potentially offer alternative avenues for the pursuit of your reproductive dreams.


I recommend you bring along the results of all your previous investigations, copies of charts and letters from the specialists you have seen before. If you had IVF/ ICSI before please bring a full copy of your chart to include both clinical and laboratory information and all letters.  During your consultation, I will assess and discuss with you all the relevant information received and offer you an opinion on the way forward. In certain circumstances, I might propose further testing, including surgery. The consultation will last 30 minutes, please ensure you allow 2 hours for your visit to my rooms. I recommend you write down the questions you want to be answered and forward to my office in advance of the consultation.


Ideally, both partners should attend as further investigations might be recommended and performed on the day.  Please let my secretary know you wish a second opinion visit as I dedicate more time to these appointments. She will also clarify with you the fee for this advanced consultation.


You can avail of a telemedicine consultation by booking here.

I look forward to meeting you.